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March 13th, 2013 · No Comments · Blog, Featured Home Page Post

Our Social Security is our lifeline. Not a line item on a budget.

March 2013 ad in Politico to Congress defending against Chained CPI cuts to Social Security. Click to enlarge.

As the President looks for a grand bargain balanced between tax increases and spending cuts to get rid of the across the board cuts to discretionary spending known as the sequester, that really bad proposal to cut the cost of living adjustment for people receiving Social Security and other benefits I told you about back in December is rearing its ugly head again.

Even though changing to the Chained CPI (sometimes called the superlative CPI) would be a significant benefit cut for people with disabilitiesretireesveterans, and other low-income individuals, the President and many members of Congress remain open to including the Chained Consumer Price Index in a budget deal.

That is why Health & Disability Advocates joined AARP and national disability groups in an ad to remind lawmakers in Washington that Social Security is a lifeline for people with disabilities and not a budget line to be cut. The ad is running Tuesday through Thursday in Politico because Congress and the President apparently really need to continue to hear the message that this benefit cut is unacceptable.

Lisa D. Ekman, Health & Disability Advocates



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