This site is a hub of information and stories from the perspectives of real people who have a family member that receives Social Security.

Social Security not only helps the beneficiary, but also benefits concerned family members. It is not a costly program for “other people.” Rather, it is a vital resource in maintaining our families’ economic well-being during the course of usual life events, such as our parents’ retirement, as well as during unforeseen circumstances, such as the early death of a spouse or the permanent disability of a sibling.

This site is maintained by Health & Disability Advocates, founded in 1992 to educate stakeholders about the critical role Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid play in the lives of persons with disabilities and older adults. Today, we are a national nonprofit, overseeing a cohesive set of local, state and federal programs and services to advance health, workforce and income equity for low income populations and people with special health care needs. We have been instrumental in the creation of every major Illinois Medicaid program expansion in the past decade, providing more than 500,000 vulnerable people with health coverage statewide. We have also worked with over 35 other states in the design and implementation of health care programs for vulnerable populations, especially for those with special health care needs. Our current family of initiatives includes: Illinois Health Matters, Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children, SSI Homeless Outreach, Illinois Connections: Assisting Veterans and Military Families, Make Medicare Work and Think Beyond the Label.

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